Dinner at home with friends!

Dinner at home with friends!

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Had some friends over this evening. First picture is Avocado fries – very good, I’d recommend trying them. There’s also a caesar salad, the Pasta with Pistachio Cream Sauce from Pinch My Salt that I posted a few days ago (I used Orrichette just because it’s what I keep around), and Gordon Ramsay’s Hot Chocolate Fondant.
The dessert could have gone better. The recipe had said that you could refrigerate the batter, so I did, but it didn’t click that I would have to increase the cooking time since the batter was now cold. I wound up increasing the cooking time about 4 – 5 minutes at a time (it wound up taking about 25min), and I think I cooked it about 3 minutes too long. It still wound up being quite good. Everything was great, really. The avocado fries were so good that I burned the heck out of my mouth in my haste to eat them up. The pasta was divine, and the salad was a very solid caesar salad. I’ll have to keep these recipes around.

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