Tuna at Eclipse Bistro!

On TripAdvisor and a couple other sites I saw, Eclipse Bistro in Wilmington has had the highest ratings out of any other restaurant in town. I’ve been meaning to get over there for a while, and finally did on Thursday. I had originally planned on getting the Crab Ravioli with Sweet Corn Cream Sauce, since it sounds similar to the Pasta with Fresh Corn Pesto, that I’ve had my eye on this week. I wound up deciding to go for the Seared Tuna with chilled rice noodles and napa cabbage slaw instead, figuring that I still plan on making the pasta with fresh corn pesto, so I don’t want to ruin it by having something similar now.

The tuna was very good. I can see why Eclipse has been rated so high. It’s not the best tuna that I’ve ever had, but that’s just because I have a weakness for soy sauce reductions. It was certainly prepared as well as any tuna I’ve had, and is easily the best fish I’ve had in Wilmington to date. The chilled rice noodles were excellent, and went well with the fish. The waitstaff were on the same level as the food. Very professional, friendly, and helpful.

I’m looking forward to stopping by again. I’m not sure yet if I’d rate this as the best food I’ve had in Wilmington, as a number of people have said on the various rating sites – I’ll have to sleep on it a bit more. It’s certainly a strong contender for #1 though.

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