Mid Atlantic Wine + Food Festival Authentic South African Braai

Lamb Chops, Braai Toasties, various salads, and Pap. Yum!

Recently, I attended the South African Braai at the Mid Atlantic Wine + Food Fest. Having never had South African food before, I was pretty excited. The event wound up being quite fun. It was held in a giant tent in the middle of Rodney Square in Wilmington, DE. Continue reading


Ramen at Incheon Airport!


So, the Koreans make a damn fine bowl of ramen. Damn fine. Easily the best food I’ve ever had in any airport I’ve been to. I did get a bowl of ramen in one of the airports in Tokyo once (Narita, I think it was), and while it wasn’t “bad”, it was like a fast-food version of ramen. This, now this is a serious bowl of ramen. I would go in to more detail, but there’s not really a lot to say. It’s a good, solid bowl of ramen, and if you’re in Incheon, you should check it out. It’s part of a group of 3 restaurants called “Via Vita”. They have an Italian restaurant, a Korean restaurant, and the Japanese restaurant, which is where this is from.